Department Publications and Data

Department Publications and Data

Barnstable County Demographic and Socioeconomic Data

The Network Forum: Economic Realities on Cape Cod Presentation (Vaira Harik, April 2016) 
Links Barnstable County poverty data, affordable housing statistics, and advocacy.

In Focus: The Demographic and Socioeconomic Landscape of Barnstable County (Christine Clements Stein, June 2013)
Indicators on the demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of Barnstable County that are of particular relevance to the health and human services communities.

American Community Survey: Poverty by Towns on Cape Cod (August 2013)
Poverty Data by Town on Cape Cod 2007 – 2011

Decennial Census 2010: Barnstable County and Towns, Total households and population with gender and age detail

Behavioral Health

Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance (BRFSS) Report 2008-2010: Barnstable County and Massachusetts (Christine Clements Stein and Rasneet Sandhu, August 2012)
Describes the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System and summarizes more than 70 health and behavioral indicators for the years 2008 to 2010, contrasting results for Barnstable County residents with those for Massachusetts as a whole.

Chronic Disease Prevention

Visit Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund Publications and Data.

Healthy Happy Eating

The Cape Cod Hunger Initiative: Healthy Foods on Pantry Shelves (Christine Clements Stein & Caroline Conena, February 2012)
Summary of a unique partnership of food pantries, disability agencies, county departments and Stop & Shop supermarkets to increase donations of healthy foods to area food pantries.

Healthy Foods on Pantry Shelves (Stop & Shop project): First Annual Celebration Presentation (Christine Clements Stein, January 2012)
Celebrating the partnership.


Visit Cape and Islands Regional Network on Homelessness Publications and Data.


Visit HOME Investment Partnerships Program Publications and Data.

Substance Use

Visit Regional Substance Abuse Council Publications and Data.

Suicide Prevention

Fact Sheet: Suicide Deaths on Cape Cod and the Islands, 2000-2011 (Vaira Harik, July 2014)
Fact sheet summarizing data on suicide deaths specific to residents of Cape Cod (Barnstable County), Martha’s Vineyard (Dukes County), and Nantucket during the period of 2000 to 2011.

In Focus: Suicide Deaths Cape Cod and the Islands 2000 – 2009, (Christine Clements Stein and Rasneet Sandhu; November 2012) 
Summary and discussion of data on suicide deaths on Cape Cod and the Islands to inform the extensive efforts taking place in the region to reduce the incidence of these deaths.

A Community Response: Addressing Suicide And Depression Among Men On Cape Cod (Christine Clements Stein, May 2010) 
A case study on the rapid and collaborative effort of state, county and town officials with other community organizations to address the 2010 increase in suicide deaths in the Town of Falmouth and the concern for men and depression.

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