In celebration of Recovery Month, which takes place annually in September, the Yarmouth Substance Awareness Committee will be hosting a week long webinar training series related to substance use disorders. These sessions will be recorded and sent out via email during the last week of September.
Mon 9/27: Substance Use Disorder 101 and Special Populations
Presented by: Daniel Rodrigues, LICSW, PMH-C Associate Director of Substance Use Disorder Services- Duffy Health Center/ YSAC Co-Chair
Tue 9/28: The Intersection of Substance Use Disorder and Intimate Partner Violence
Presented by: Annie Catalano, MS, NACP CA Victim Advocate, Yarmouth Police Department/ YSAC Co-Chair
Wed 9/29: Overdose Education and Harm Reduction Training
Presented by: Kate Lena Substance Use Prevention Program Manager- Barnstable County Human Services
Thu 9/30: Treatment Programs and Peer Support
Presented by: Jeremy Wurzburg and Sarah Ducie Alternative Peer Group Supervisor and Recovery Coach Supervisor- Duffy Health Center
To register for any or all of these trainings please submit an email request to the Jeremy Wurzburg