Cape & Islands Regional Network on Homelessness

Spotlight: Homeless Youth and Young Adult Services Grant

This funding supports services for Cape & Islands unaccompanied youth and young adults (24 years and under) and includes intake for assessment and access to services available through our community partners: CHAMP Homes, Fairwinds Nantucket, Housing Assistance Corporation, Homeless Prevention Council, and Martha’s Vineyard Community Services.  This initiative is supported with funding from the Executive Office of Health and Human Services.

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Cape & Islands Regional Network on Homelessness


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The Cape and Islands Regional Network on Homelessness is a collaborative effort of state, county and local government, social service providers, housing agencies, faith-based organizations, the business community and individuals working together to prevent and end homelessness.


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Fact Sheet

FACT SHEET: Cape and Islands Regional Network on Homelessness, March 2019


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Barnstable County Department of Human Services convenes the Regional Network, a broad-based public-private partnership committed to identifying and implementing creative solutions to preventing and ending homelessness on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket. The Regional Network is also the entity organized to carry out the responsibilities required by the HUD CoC Program and is composed of representatives of organizations, including nonprofit homeless providers, victim service providers, faith-based organizations, governments, businesses, advocates, public housing agencies, school districts, social service providers, mental health agencies, hospitals, universities, affordable housing developers, law enforcement, organizations that serve homeless and formerly homeless veterans, and homeless and formerly homeless persons to the extent these groups are represented within the geographic area and are available to participate.

The Regional Network is comprised of an Executive Committee, a Policy Board, several working groups, and a larger network of interested stakeholders.


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In November 2018, the Regional Network updated the January 2018 revision of the Cape Cod and Islands Regional Network on Homelessness Governance Charter Updated November 2018. The Charter outlines membership, responsibilities delegated by the Regional Network to its Policy Board, committees and agents, provisions for governance through the Policy Board and key policies and processes, and designates the Regional Network as the Cape & Island’s Continuum of Care.


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Meetings & Minutes

Calendar-Icon Calendar

Visit the Department of Human Services’ Calendar for meetings and their related documents.

Cape and Islands Regional Network on Homelessness meetings are held on the fourth Monday of every other month from 9:00 – 10:30 AM in the Harborview Conference Room in the Barnstable County Complex, 3195 Main St., Barnstable, MA unless otherwise noted.

For meeting minutes from previous years, email


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Regional Network on Homelessness Plan 2012 – 2014




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Current policies for the Cape and Islands Continuum of Care adopted by the Regional Policy Board.


CoC Reallocation Policy Updated March 26, 2018
Coc Written Standards Version 2.0 Updated July, 2018


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Publications and Data


Barnstable County Department of Human Services provides critical documents, resources, and related links relating to substance use. For a repository of synthesized local data in original in-house publications and reports, visit the Cape and Islands Regional Network on Homelessness Publications and Data web page.


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For information, contact Paula Schnepp, Coordinator of the Cape and Islands Regional Network on Homelessness for Department of Human Services.


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Latest News

Results of 2019 Annual Point in Time Homeless Count Released

For More Information: Martha Taylor, HMIS Program Manager 508-375-6625 Results of 2019 Annual Point in Time Homeless Count Released May 9, 2019 (Barnstable, MA) – The Cape and Islands Regional Network on Homelessness has released its...

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